I am deeply honoured to have assumed the role of President of the Board of Directors of TanenbaumCHAT at our last Annual General Meeting.  As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I have always felt an innate responsibility to help ensure that the Jewish community continues to thrive and grow. Education has played a crucial part in preserving our heritage and has been pivotal in keeping our traditions alive. As a result, when the opportunity arose to take on the presidency of the board, I felt an obligation to accept the challenge. I am also the proud parent of a recent grad, Jamie Weiner ’22 and a current grade 10 student, Talia Weiner ’25, so I feel personally vested in the continued success of TanenbaumCHAT.

Having had the opportunity to co-chair the board of one of our feeder schools several years ago, I came into this role aware of the vast array of issues and hurdles that a board of a Jewish day school can face. I feel extremely fortunate that TanenbaumCHAT’s board comprises hardworking and highly intelligent individuals who work alongside the school’s dedicated and talented administration to help achieve the school’s mission. We are all committed to ensuring that TanenbaumCHAT continues to strive towards academic excellence while ensuring that our students experience the richness of Jewish culture and traditions to the fullest.

With this in mind, and with a focus on our future, the board has started the process of developing our next strategic plan. Our school has seen robust enrolment over the last few years, and is growing and thriving. This plan will help guide us in making decisions and pursuing opportunities over the next five years by providing a clear roadmap towards ongoing success. We will be canvassing stakeholders to ensure that a variety of perspectives are considered as part of the process, and we hope to share the details of our plan by the end of the calendar year.

As someone who believes deeply in the importance of Jewish education, I feel privileged to be part of the collective commitment and dedication of the board, administration and teachers who are focussed on making a positive contribution to our community and educating the next generation of Jewish leaders in Toronto.

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