Mark Goodman ’74 is the epitome of a lifelong learner. After retiring from a practice of law, he returned to school to follow his passion for history, which he says was “ignited many years ago at TanenbaumCHAT”. He received his MA in World War II Studies from Arizona State University and is now completing his doctorate in Genocide and Holocaust Studies at Gratz College in Philadelphia.

After spending 26 years as a professor and department chair of the Religions, Classics, and Humanitarian department at San Diego State University, Risa Levitt ’83 has relocated to Jerusalem to serve as the Executive Director of the Bible Lands Museum. Prior to this role, Risa worked as a curator for the Royal Ontario Museum’s Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition and also led the virtual project ROM Connects: Stories of Ukraine.

Freidele (Soban) Biniashvili ’93 has been writing stories and poems since she was young and has a passion for incorporating Judaic values and messages within her literature. Her two most recently published books are Just One Match (Menucha, 2022), her first humourous novel for adults, and Mendel and the Pencil: A Story about Bal Tashchis (Israel Bookshop Publications, 2022).

Jason Isaacs ’11 successfully completed his PhD in Clinical Psychology, obtaining the accreditation from Dalhousie University. Jason’s main clinical and research interests include substance use, health psychology, sleep problems, and issues facing teens and young adults.

Josh Fluxgold ’10 and Sam Fluxgold ’13, have established a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment under their banner Oneway Records. Through this collaboration, they aim to promote multiculturalism and talent within Israeli music, and develop and introduce new stars from Israel to the global music industry.

Jonathan Azouri ’12 & Maya Azouri ’13 were named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for their innovative online platform “Catch Corner by Sports Illustrated”. The siblings have modernized and streamlined the sport facility rental process by building an “OpenTable”-like reservation system for basketball courts, ice rinks and tennis courts. 

New Stuff Theatre, founded Ben Sterlin ’14, seeks to be “Canada’s foremost presenter of urgent and vital contemporary international plays while cultivating new local artistic voices”. Ben’s first production, Ladies Day, was performed in Toronto in Fall 2922, and he is in pre-production for his next play. He is also a published spoken-word poet and debuted his first collection, Man Is / Just Names, in March.

After the TanenbaumCHAT music program sparked a passion for music creation in alumni Erez Zobary ‘14 and Billy Schwartz ‘14, they each pursued a career in the entertainment industries, as a singer and media director, respectively. Recently, the two collaborated on a new project: the single “Out All Night,” for which Billy produced and edited the music video. 

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