Mental health

With our continued focus on supporting student mental health, we were proud to welcome to school a number of our alumni-experts in the field. In a timely visit in October, Dr. David Rosmarin ’97 (above, left), an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, presented to students on harnessing anxiety during times of crisis (see more here & here). During Mental Health Awareness Week, SickKids psychologist, Dr. Jason Isaacs ’11 (above, right), gave an interactive presentation with the aim of equipping students with resources for their mental health toolkits. Current parent Dr. Jasmine Eliav ’96 joined our November professional development day, delivering a session to staff on trauma- informed mental health strategies to implement in the classroom and beyond.

Alumni in the business world

Our Investment Council enjoyed visits from Aaron Vale ’02 (above, left), who talked about his journey from graduation to his current role as Head of Infrastructure Client Solutions at CBRE; and Noah Buchman ’03 (above, right), who spoke about his experience in business and the origin of his own company, Propel.

In October 2023, recent olah to Israel, Rachel Brooks ’18 (above, left), met with two classes to discuss her experience living in Israel as the war broke out and returning to Canada on a Canadian evacuation flight. 

Samantha Friedmann ’07 (above, right) spoke with Grade 11 Media and Drama students about her success as a globe-trotting DJ and how she brings her Jewish identity into her personal brand. She discussed the importance of being yourself and working hard to achieve your

In November, Mike Wilner ’88 (above), former Toronto Blue Jays broadcaster, current podcaster and Toronto Star columnist, talked to students about his fascinating career path, touching on his specific experience as a Jewish person working with Major League Baseball.

 Andrea Glube ’21, Lee Nadler ’21 (above right), Jeremy Margles ’20 (above, left) and Jonathan Ashkenazi ’22, presented at the annual Israel Gap Year Fair, sharing their unique experiences on the various Gap Year programs they completed. 

While on the business studies trip to New York City, students met up with New York Times senior editor Lorne Manly ’84 and with Spencer Hoffman ’08, a director at the communications consulting firm Joele Frank, to learn more about their experiences in their respective paths. (click here for more.)