It was thrilling to watch our community rally to the cause on Day of Giving.  Along with one-to-one matching funds, we reached our goal and raised $700,000 through an astounding 925 gifts, of which more than 300 came from alumni. 

Your generosity on the annual Day of Giving is vital to our philanthropic efforts. The Powering TanenbaumCHAT annual campaign:

  • funds tuition assistance… With a continued commitment to keeping a Jewish high school education accessible, this year you helped us provide financial assistance to more than 23% of our students. This happened through the TanenbaumCHAT Tuition Accessibility Program (TTAP) for middle-income families, which was launched this year, and our support of the UJA Day School Scholarships program. 
  • … and sustains programming excellence: as we prioritize enhancements to the educational experience, your donations allow us to develop new courses and programming, augment resources for student wellness and mental health, improve technology infrastructure and equipment, and provide valuable professional development opportunities.

Your donations to our school ensure that during the formative high-school years, we can provide an amazing experience to all our students: those who come to us from the many Jewish elementary schools in our city, and those who attend our New Stream program and are just beginning their Jewish-learning journeys.

As we continue to shape the next generation of our community, our eyes are firmly on strengthening the school for the future, being there for the Toronto Jewish community, and continuing to excel as the city’s only community Jewish high school. 

TanenbaumCHAT is powered by the generosity of our entire community. You are our partners in this endeavour, and we can’t do it without you. We are extraordinarily thankful for your trust and support.

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